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What does our investment in technology mean to you the client?

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It's no secret that as a company Abraham Land Surveying has relied on the early adoption of technology in our field. Among the first in the state to adopt robotic and reflectorless technologies as well as dual-constellation/dual-frequency RTK GPS, we have recognized that there has to be a balance of return on investment with cost of entry. With both of these technologies and many others we have done extensive field trials to see if a) Is the quality of our work impacted? (Positively, negatively, not at all) b) Is our efficiency impacted? and c) Is our cost impacted? For each of these we have found that it has given the quality of our work a boost into the future while speeding up the process. The increase in efficiency has been able to more than offset the cost and is why we are able to do what our clients recognize us for: Providing the highest quality work without a premium price attached to it. We just look at it as working smarter, not harder.

It has been entertaining watching this technology become mainstream now from where it was 10 years ago as well as watching/upgrading our equipment as it became more refined. Surveying technology is evolving as fast as the surveying market is and the ride has a long ways to go! Amazingly just in the careers of our current surveyors we've seen advancement from a Jacob's Staff & compass to network rover GPS and everything in-between. We can't wait to see what’s next.

"We are currently under contract with Abraham Land Surveying to develop and maintain our GIS mapping. We have been very pleased with their progress to date."   -- Brent Richardson, General Manager at Newberry County Water and Sewer Authority