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UAV LiDAR is here.

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We continue to be leading adopters of technology here at Abraham Land Surveying. We offer UAV based LiDAR which is capable of gathering 18 million points per minute while cruising through the air. This is a unique technology that has wide ranging applications. It can give unprecedented levels of detail on terrain and other features. Imagine topography where a current method of 3 people would take sample measurements in a 50 or 100 foot grid. Now contrast that with over 140 samples per square YARD. This allows details not previously able to be captured and accounted for to now be seen and planned for. One of the unique properties of LiDAR is it's ability to sneak through incredibly small gaps in vegetation to grab measurements on the earths surface unlocking amazing potential. Below are a couple great videos of this.






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"Tad (Abraham) was instrumental in dealing with FEMA with respect to flood map classification. I required Tad's services but he went beyond expectations to meet accelerated deadlines and provide additional services without advance notice."   -- Duane Twining, PE at SCANA