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Loblolly Green Power and Abraham Land Surveying get rolling for 2012

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We've been very busy in the last several days and will continue to work the remaining days of 2011 on expediting the needs of Loblolly Green Power. We are thrilled to see this project moving forward and are working tirelessly to help enable North Star Renewable Power bring 130 new jobs and a $200million investment to Newberry County.


We welcome Rick Cashatt, Ron Lau and company to our area and thanks for their investment here!



A recent article in the Newberry Observer offers some more information about the new Biomass Facility HERE.

"Abraham Land Surveying is a highly mobile firm with the ability to meet a wide range of survey needs from traditional boundary surveys to stream restoration and wetland delineations."   -- Marcus Sizemore, Environmental Consultant at Dennis Corporation