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Happy GIS Day!!!

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We have implemented GIS as part of our everyday workflow here at Abraham Land Surveying. It has given us a great way to visually communicate with our clients as well as an ability to communicate and make decisions in the field whether it is accessing parcel information in the field on our Android powered smartphones or in a clients conference rooms using the ArcGIS applicaiton for our iPads. A picture is worth a thousand words, GIS adds to that exponentially. Here at Abraham Land Surveying we build on GIS and do it with a surveyor's level of precision and accuracy. Curious about GIS? Get in touch with us!


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"Tad and his team performed beyond expectations when asked to perform a survey of a 6 acre, heavily wooded lot. The team cleared paths to access the property line and performed excessive marking at my request."   -- Duane Twining, PE at SCANA